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CBI Tribute Funds

Following is a list of the many funds CBI has established to help subsidize the synagogue, the congregation and the community.

Tribute Funds ($5 minimum donation)

General Fund: used wherever funds are needed.
Good Works Fund: discretionary fund.
Minyan Fund: fulfills a variety of tzedakah needs and requests for funding.
Norman & Wayne Schafer Adult Education Fund: subsidizes adult education programs at the synagogue.

Tribute Funds ($10 minimum donation)
Elliott and Esther Price Adult Education and Programming Fund

Sisterhood Tribute Funds ($5 minimum donation)
Bedek Habayit Fund: maintains and furnishes our kosher kitchen.
Education Fund: Provides help with rabbinic intern costs and other adult education.
Kiddushim: Please contact the office, 810-732-6310.

Yahrzeit Memorials: to commemorate the anniversary of the death of a loved one. The donation can be of any amount (no minimum). The funds are used for the daily operation of the synagogue.

Bemah Flowers: to provide fresh flowers for the bemah on the Shabbat or holiday of your choice, $36 or $54. Please call the office, 810-732-6310, to make arrangements.

Kiddushim: to learn how you can sponsor a kiddush, please contact the office, 810-732-6310. Kiddushim cost is between $50 and $325.

Miscellaneous Donation or Be an Angel: the shul always has a “Wish List” of improvements we need, items we’d like, and programs we’d love to sponsor. If you would like to make a contribution toward any of these, or find out more about what’s on the list, please contact our president, Leonard Meizlish.

Fri, February 3 2023 12 Shevat 5783